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Our workshop sheltered various people united by common love and interest in traditions, culture and music of central and western Africa.

Our activities include the repair of traditional African drums Djembe, Ashiko, Bougarabou, Dun-dun and many others. As well as the development and production of traditional African harps - Kora and N’goni, Malian guitars Jeli N’goni.

All members of our association play traditional musical instruments of Africa and participate in many musical projects.

The workshop itself originates in the back room of the largest Afro-drum school in Moscow - Sun Drums, and later moves to “Dar Truda” (Gift of Labor) coworking for a year on the territory of the former Research Institute of Long-Distance Radio. And then in a separate room in the building next to the “Dar Truda”. At the moment it includes a craft room, a living room, a rehearsal base and a warehouse.

traditional African drums Repair

We specialize in customizing, repairing, modifying, and putting in order traditional African drums. Such as djembe, ashiko, burkharab, and dun-duns. We also undertake to repair drums of other musical traditions.

Kalachev Sergey - drum master since 2005 has been engaged in repairing traditional drums, accumulating experience every year, improving the quality and expanding the range of services.

In the year through the workshop passes from hundreds to one and a half hundreds of drums.

Sergey provides free advice on the repair of drums. You can ask your questions in the form of feedback in the Contacts section.


The traditional African harp is widely used in the musical tradition of central and western Africa.